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Sarah Loftus - English

Sarah Loftus - English

“For me it’s about having the opportunity to take technology to the heart of what we do and really make an impact on the business.”

Head of Strategy and Architecture



Why did you join Seadrill?

It was an opportunity to get into some very interesting and varied work. I think that was one of the real key attractions.

What’s different about working in IT with Seadrill?

It isn’t, ‘here come IT to fix something’, it’s about ‘how can we work together?’ We work closely with other functions, so we use a Microsoft Surface Hub to communicate and collaborate around the world. We work together to apply new innovations to everything from Finance, HR, and Operations, to looking at how we work in social and mobile and what Cloud means for the business. It might sound like a cliché, but I’m driven by making a difference, and to see that from creating a project, right through to talking about it at board level, is really motivating.

What sort of projects have you been working on?

One of the massive challenges is that we have around 50 rigs in the very harshest environments, so we’re introducing new technology to keep operations running safely and reliably. That could be anything from different ways to maintain connectivity in harsh environments, to training people with augmented reality.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career with Seadrill?

There’s a chance to make your own difference here – not just on the business, but in the city too. If anyone wants to get involved in any activity that benefits the community, we’ll support them. There’s nothing backward about being at Seadrill - it’s pretty full on and forward facing. Give it a go!