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Why Seadrill?

Setting the standard in drilling is as much about what we do for our people as what they do for us. So at Seadrill you’ll discover the career opportunities, just like our technology and commitment to safety, are truly in a class of their own.


Our People

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Eivind Bru

Eivind Bru

"I have the opportunity to work with the latest and most advanced technology, develop myself in the role, and travel around the world with different projects."

Role: Driller

Nationality: Norwegian

Current Location: West Hercules
Barents Sea

When I finished my service in the Navy (submarine), around 13 years ago, I wanted to continue working in an exciting and dynamic working environment.

I worked as safety supervisor on the Drillship West Navigator for a number of years, and this gave me a good insight and understanding of the importance of continuous HSE work, and good procedures. In my role as driller, I’ve really benefited from this experience. I’ve also grown my skills working with a range of technology.

Offshore work is interesting and challenging, with a high focus on quality and performance. I’m always learning something new and developing further.

I’ve been given many courses and learning opportunities with Seadrill/North Atlantic, including well control training, and training on lifting and rigging operations. Every year we have performance appraisals, where we establish our goals and development plans.

I enjoy working with skilled, competent and professional colleagues, in a first class environment with a focus on safety and efficiency.

We all take safety work very seriously here, and are not afraid to say ‘stop’ if we see unsafe behaviour. It’s a positive culture, where we can all contribute to the shared goal of delivering quality operations to our customers.

Recreation facilities vary from rig to rig but most rigs have entertainment facilities, a gym with a sauna, computers and computer games, and newspapers.

Some of my best moments so far with Seadrill include drilling in Mauritania, West Africa, when I was given the opportunity to be part of the operation preparation team for an ultra deepwater semi-submersible, dual operation drilling rig. I also participated in taking out a new build from a shipyard in Korea, where I was involved from commissioning and acceptance testing to drilling in the North Sea, including HPHT drilling.

Other things I’ve enjoyed include Well Kill operation on the gas blow-out on the Elgin and Franklin field in the UK, drilling in the Faroe Islands, and being involved in the exploration campaign in the Barents Sea.

Living close to the office in Stavanger, I’ve been working in the office on different projects. This has given me a great insight into the work required to keep the rigs in operation, such as procurement and the maintenance of equipment and procedures.