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Why Seadrill?

Setting the standard in drilling is as much about what we do for our people as what they do for us. So at Seadrill you’ll discover the career opportunities, just like our technology and commitment to safety, are truly in a class of their own.


Our People

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Idima Andrew

Idima Andrew

"The food offshore is great. My favourite is the local Nigerian soup from Akwai--Ibom served every Sunday.”

Role: Dynamic Positioning Operator

Nationality: Nigerian

Current Location: Drillship West Capella

I ventured into the maritime industry in 2005, after graduating from nautical college in Nigeria.

By 2009, I found myself in the drilling industry. Since then I have not looked back!

During my cadetship in 2008, I came across Seadrill advert in a Nigerian newspaper. I applied and was offered the position of a painter as a starting point. Today, I am part of the bridge team.

My best moment still remains the day the MSL informed me of my promotion to Dynamic Positioning Operator Trainee. At the time, I was working as an Able Seaman. I knew it was the beginning of better days ahead and a dream come true.

Seadrill affords its staff the opportunities to grow irrespective of their nationality and background.

The company has invested massively in the training and development of its employees. I am a proud beneficiary of this vision.

Initially, communication was a challenge. But the cultural background of every crew is unique and I truly enjoy the ability to be able to crossbreed ideas while working on a drillship. It is of paramount importance for team members to work together and meet Seadrill’s objectives.

I particularly enjoy working in a multi-national environment. I am proud to have the opportunity to learn from people of various backgrounds and with a wealth of experience.

My day offshore starts with a pre-tour meeting, followed by station keeping on the dynamic positioning console. I am currently working on K-Pos DP III system manufactured by Kongsberg Maritime AS Norway. I also carry out other bridge duties required of a mariner and sometimes execute some tasks on deck.

After my tour, I spend one hour in the gymnasium, one hour studying and then rest for the day.

While at home, I spend time with my wife and family. We enjoy travelling around the continent of Africa for sight-seeing.