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Why Seadrill?

Setting the standard in drilling is as much about what we do for our people as what they do for us. So at Seadrill you’ll discover the career opportunities, just like our technology and commitment to safety, are truly in a class of their own.


Our People

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Joao Malta

Joao Malta

"There’s a good atmosphere here, with a mixture of nationalities. I have the chance to learn about different cultures, and we all share our knowledge and experience."

Role: Assistant Chief Engineer

Nationality: Brazilian

Current Location: Offshore Brazil
Rig West Taurus

I could see that Seadrill is a solid company who could give me the opportunity to build my career.

I have both a marine and drilling background, having started off as a cadet on a container vessel. Next I worked in offshore supply to broaden my experience, then moved on to an offshore rig company and, after that, I applied to join Seadrill.

One of the reasons why I enjoy my job is being able to work with the range of equipment and systems in the rig technical area.

I’m working on a 6th generation drilling rig, with VFD thrusters and complex hydraulic and automation systems produced by Aker and Kongsberg.

I feel that I’ve really broadened my knowledge and skills since joining Seadrill.

The company has also given me the opportunity to attend training sessions on different types of equipment with manufacturers in Brazil and other countries.


My best moment here so far was when I was chosen to be the first Engine Room Operator to go into a program where I became a supervisor.

As well as being a great opportunity to demonstrate and share my experience, I’m also learning alongside my team and feel that I’m respected by them.

With Seadrill I’ve been able to develop a career plan, which helped me to achieve my current supervisory position, and also encourages me to work to progress into other roles.

I believe that Seadrill’s rapid growth will bring more promotion opportunities. And, as they continue to put new rigs into operation with the latest equipment, I can keep growing my experience too.