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Why Seadrill?

Setting the standard in drilling is as much about what we do for our people as what they do for us. So at Seadrill you’ll discover the career opportunities, just like our technology and commitment to safety, are truly in a class of their own.


Our People

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Nicholas Lesiuk

Nicholas Lesiuk

“Seadrill occupies a unique position among drilling service contractors. As a relatively young company they’ve managed to develop a strong position through rapid growth and a focus on maintaining state-of-the-art, brand new assets."

Role: Rig Engineer

Nationality: USA

Current Location: West Hercules
St. John’s Newfoundland

My father worked at a drilling contractor, so I’d lived abroad for most of my life and had exposure to the industry through shipyard and office visits. When I went to college I knew this was a career path I wanted to pursue. I gained more experience during college by working on a production facility during a summer break, and found that my interest was primarily in drilling services.

When I found out about Seadrill’s training programme, I knew it would be the best way to gain experience in an industry that I wanted to make an impact in.

I felt that Seadrill’s emergent position in the industry would provide the best opportunities. The Regional Management Trainee (RMT) programme was a really exciting, albeit challenging, kickstart for a career.

The RMT programme gave me the chance to gain a broad exposure to the variety of roles involved in drilling operations. Over two years, I rotated throughout all departments on a rig while undertaking courses and certifications. 

Phase one of my programme entailed two or three hitches per position in the drilling department. Going into year two, I transitioned from assignments in the Houston office and Gulf of Mexico up to Canada. I’ve been part of the West Hercules handover, including various intake projects focused on enabling the vessel to operate under Canadian regulations. Those kinds of experience are invaluable in terms of developing comprehensive understanding of how diverse operational support can be.

I really enjoy working in the dynamic environment that this opportunity provides. It’s encouraging seeing the company develop, just like I’ve developed on this programme. And now I’m taking it even further.

Having graduated from the Regional Management Trainee program, I have taken a new assignment as Rig Engineer for the West Hercules.

In my new position, I continue to develop. I’ve recently attended IWCF Well Control Training (Level 3 & 4 Supervisor Surface and Subsea combined). The pacing and breadth of topics covered in IWCF made it a challenging but rewarding course and solidified my understanding of well control fundamentals and drill through equipment.

I’m proud to have played my part in the simultaneous operations on the West Hercules recently. Besides maintaining safe and efficient drilling operations, we have had to coordinate with a third party and client to install a massive amount of equipment to be used for upcoming well testing operations. It has definitely been a team effort to install and test all this equipment.

Rig Engineer feels like a natural progression from the RMT program, and I am finding that the knowledge and skills gained from my training and time offshore is enhancing my abilities in this position. I look forward to seeing what other opportunities I can leverage from the training I’ve received.