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Why Seadrill?

Setting the standard in drilling is as much about what we do for our people as what they do for us. So at Seadrill you’ll discover the career opportunities, just like our technology and commitment to safety, are truly in a class of their own.


Our People

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Rudy Haberl

Rudy Haberl

"It's a positive environment that prioritises safety, and rewards effort"

Role: Subsea Supervisor

Nationality: USA and Germany

Current Location: West Sirius
Gulf of Mexico

I chose Seadrill because they offered the chance to have a global career.

Seadrill also offers me the opportunity to work on interesting equipment, as well as a never ending variety of challenges.

I work with a good bunch of colleagues too.

As a former employer myself, I know how difficult it is to make everybody happy, but Seadrill is trying hard to do that while staying competitive. I've noticed that people who have left Seadrill are trying to return!

It’s certainly the best lifestyle I’ve had in my career.

I like it a lot. Since I really like to work, I can get my fill of it when I’m offshore, but then get a healthy break, time with my wife, and R&R at home.

My best moment so far with Seadrill was when I was given the opportunity to work in the subsea department.

I work mostly on hydraulics, but am surrounded and interact with anything from aviation to subsea conditions monitoring.

If you can make the time to commit to them, there are plenty of learning opportunities here.

Seadrill provides all safety training, OEM equipment courses, operator courses, online training, and anything that is beneficial to our job performance.

For me, working with a fast growing company means that there is a lot of opportunity for fast advancement.

Also, it offers more opportunity for people coming from different companies and backgrounds to collaborate and learn from each other.